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Terminator: Dark Fate - Defiance | Patch notes v1.02.950

Published on March 25, 2024

Hello everyone,

Today's update focuses on optimising performance, refining anti-aliasing, and fine-tuning mission balance. Expect smoother gameplay, sharper visuals, and more engaging missions. 

Changelog 1.02.950:

  • Optimization of shaders and road rendering;

  • Added Anti-Aliasing FXAA;

  • Fixed several rare random crashes;

  • Added the ability to give an order to attack abandoned vehicles (using the attack button on the order panel);

  • Fixed a bug due to which it was sometimes impossible to give move order if among the selected units there was a stationary or immobilized one;

  • The "Objectives updated" widget is now transparent to the cursor;

  • Added tip to take the humvee when evacuating from Haven base; 

  • Removed the ability to talk to Movement if the player became their enemy due to an attack on Mack on Abiquiu Mission;

  • Fixed a bug due to which a dialogue with the Integrators could begin when they had already left the map on Vega Mission;

  • Fixed a bug where objectives could be missing at the end of a mission in Vega;

  • Added an icon above the humvee that the rangers give on Oklahoma Mission;

  • Supply Depots now have main objective icons above them on Oklahoma Mission;

  • Fort Worth mission rebalanced and improved;

  • Fixed missing radio effect in dialogues on Integrators Camp Mission;

  • Removed spawns of drones (Swarm) that were sent to the emergency exit from the factory on the Final Mission;

  • Added additional checks to ensure that the vehicle with the Digital Storm returns to player control;

  • Increased the range of ATGM and AA missiles of "Prototype-2" to reduce the likelihood of being shot at from a distance from which it cannot respond.

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