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The Panzer Corps 2 - World Championship moves into the fifth round today.

Published on January 05, 2022

The Panzer Corps 2 - World Championship moves into the fifth round today.

This round, we have a special treat for everyone - a brand new and never before seen map, The Siege of Leningrad. Study it carefully, as the battle you win may be your own.

Will you break the encirclement? Or simply hold the line?

In leaderboard news, PlannedParenthood drew blood from Kleko11 last round, but it wasn't enough for him to secure a victory. Nevertheless, another 3000 point Kleko11 victory was prevented and now around 1000 points separates the top of the leaderboard. 

Everything is to play for.

Round 3 leader board:
1     kleko11           11069
2    Daystick          10616
3    FritzchenEK-I  10272
4    Adel77               9916
5    Folklore             9898

AFK Players
We have heard your feedback about AFK players and have taken action this round to remove those that have not played in the last 2 rounds. We hope between this and the scoring system, there will be a lot less chance that an active player will face an AFK player.

As always, we are improving the system based on your feedback and the data we collect on our side.

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