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Urban Onslaught Dev Diary #2: More rockets and giant scorpions

Published on May 02, 2024

Greetings, troopers,

Welcome back to our development update! If you haven't heard yet, Closed Beta signups are now open! And that's not all; we're thrilled to unveil some new units and improvements to our editor tools. Let's take a closer look at what's new.



Our Federal Intelligence has unearthed a menacing evolution of the Scorpion Bug, now known as the Ravager. This formidable foe is larger and more lethal than its predecessor, capable of launching explosive projectiles that inflict significant area damage. Armored units should exercise extreme caution; when critically damaged, the Ravager sheds its tail and shifts to a melee combat mode, wielding its massive pincers that can easily penetrate armor.


Rocket defense: M23 Cloudburster

To counter the new Arachnid threats, Federation research has developed the M23 Cloudburster. This versatile machine is armed with a missile launcher system and features two operational modes to maximize combat efficiency: stationary for defensive tactics and mobile for dynamic strikes. It is specifically designed to tackle swarms and execute precise long-range attacks against formidable adversaries like the Ravager and the monstrous new Tanker mutation (featured in a future post).


Fleet Liaison update

We've upgraded the default attack capabilities of the fleet liaison unit. They now call in precision air strikes on designated targets, significantly extending their engagement range and enhancing their role in providing crucial air support. They are now a very effective counter against Scorpions.


Streamlined editing tools

All the scenarios in the game are crafted using our custom in-game editor (which is fully integrated and accessible within the game itself!). For this DLC, we're embracing a new level of verticality, incorporating a broad array of assets to construct towering buildings and skyscrapers. We have made improvements to the editor’s selection tools, making it more intuitive to select, modify, and fine-tune elevations and prop variations.


As of this week, we've opened sign-ups for Closed Beta testing of the Urban Onslaught DLC. This is your chance to experience the new content firsthand and influence its development.

Sign up for the closed beta here.

Do your part and remember to wishlist the DLC now! Keep an eye out for further updates!


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