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Warhammer 40,000: Gladius - Drukhari DLC out now

Published on November 30, 2023

Drukhari, the latest DLC for Warhammer 40,000: Gladius, is now available. After the Tyranids, Chaos Space Marines, T’au, Craftworld Aeldari, Adeptus Mechanicus and Adepta Sororitas, it’s time to conquer the forsaken planet of Gladius Prime with the new Drukhari faction.

The Drukhari are an ancient race that fell into degeneracy and depravity, with their remnants only surviving in immense Webway cities. Though they have suppressed the psychic power of their Aeldari kin, they have replaced it with preternatural agility and rapacious cruelty. Their lighting raids from the Webway carry off wealth and captives to dark Commorragh where they suffer intensely throughout their short lives…

The faction has a full new roster of units, including Archon, Razorwing Jetfighter and Voidraven Bomber, and unique abilities as Combat Drugs and Raider Fortress.

You can find more information on the product page here

You can also take advantage of a sale on the whole Warhammer 40,000: Gladius franchise. Click here to view the details.

Last but not least, on December 23rd, Yogdog, Hexaboo, StZdog, Das Tactic and Richard Yorke will fight each other for the supremacy of Gladius Prime. During this special stream, we will give away some keys of Gladius' DLCs. You don't want to miss that! 

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