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What's your Mod? The Edmond's Diaries - Order of Battle

Published on July 13, 2023

Often, a mod can be a chance to cover a topic or area that doesn’t have popular appeal and would be unlikely to be covered by any mainstream game. It may surprise you to learn that even areas that have “been done to death” like World War 2, have plenty of conflicts and material that never sees the light of day.

Enter MircoMod for Order of Battle: It covers the French role in WW2 in an expansive 20 mission campaign, featuring the invasion of the lowlands and later, the attack on France and the evacuation at Dunkirk. Often just a footnote in most games, France did have a role in WW2 beyond the somewhat unfair jokes that it folded like tissue paper in minutes.

In this campaign, you can’t change the course of France’s fate, but you can explore what might have been done differently to halt the tide of German advance. Plus, it features tons of French units that you usually never get to use or play with, as well as custom extra ones and features historical deployments.

What is truly interesting is that, while most of the nations of WW2 were on the backfoot, France actually had solidly advanced tank development. It was to be WW1 style “wall” tactics that lead to their undoing, rather than a lack of “modern” tools or equipment. As the player, you have the chance to change these plans, and inflict some real losses on the Germans, but it won’t be easy…

You can grab MircoMod along with a ton of other free content from our forums. I hope you enjoy this valiant effort to explore something a little different from the usual German, British and American campaigns…

Get MircoMod for Order of Battle here: https://www.slitherine.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=690982#p690982 

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