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Zombies are coming to town, in this Field of Glory 2 Mod

Published on December 17, 2019

A dark age is upon us! But it's not the Dark Ages. Corpses are rising up from their graves with an insatiable craving for human flesh and blood. Can humanity stop them?

In Field of Glory Z (FOGZ), players can fight with or against a new army: The Zombie Horde. They are unarmed and weak but they are numerous and do not flee.

During battle, half of the slain or injured humans will become infected. Once enough infected bodies are gathered, a new zombie unit will spawn.

The mod is meant to be played in single or multiplayer Custom Battle (Open Battle mode). The Zombie Horde army can be played by either side. Zombie vs. zombie is also possible.

Modified victory conditions are as follows: Humans win if they defeat all zombie units. Zombies win if they can rout the humans by the default rout thresholds.

When time runs out, the side with less rout % wins.

You can download the mod directly in-game. Launch FOG2 and on top of the Main Menu section click on "Community Scenario" button, you can then select the mod from the list.

Kudos to Jomni for this great Mod for FOG2!

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