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DLC Strategic Command WWII: Community Pack

The most interesting and awesome mods for Strategic Command, created by users.

Please Note: This content has now been bundled up by default into the base game! Enjoy!

Base Games, one is required to play the DLC

Title Date
[PC] Installer v1.16.02 May 29, 2019

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Fury Software
Oct 18, 2017
English, French, German, Spanish
World War II

Strategic Command WWII: War in Europe is a deeply immersive turn-based strategy game covering the greatest conflict in modern history. This Community Pack is a free expansion containing the best mods made by our users.

Please Note: This content has now been bundled up by default into the base game! Enjoy!

This free expansion contains the best mods made by our users, such as:


Created by Christopher Paton. Fall Weiss II builds off the original 1939 Storm Over Europe Campaign.  The campaign includes new decisions, a new unit structure, updated bitmaps, and a greater focus on minor neutrals and their economic and military importance. Many units can now be built at the Division, Corps or Army Scale & New Mountain Infantry will receive specific bonuses in Mountain Hexes. The mod is fully tested for PBEM or single player but never tested for AI co-operative. German Economy: Germany is more dependent on imports from neutral nations - (Greece, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Romania, Portugal, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Spain, Vichy France, Turkey, Switzerland). Role of Minor Neutrals: more interactions with neutral nations, some of which include lend lease agreements and transfers of military equipment to strengthen neutrals as the war unfolds around them. With more supporting events to sway the leaning of neutral nations diplomacy chit effectiveness (not the % chance of a hit) has been slightly reduced. Research: research effectiveness progressively slows down after reaching Level 1. Balance Changes: a number of changes such as decreasing effectiveness of Bomber Strikes on ground targets and increasing reinforcement cost of surface fleets for most nations. New Decisions:  new events to help aide in different strategies.


Created by Mats-Erik Wiktorsson. Focussed on the time before the WW2 started: Calm Before The Storm starts in 1938 during the build-up to WW2. It gives the player many decisions to make whether the historical path should be followed or if they should choose another. Decisions can affect the direction of the war, most of the historical but also alternate events. Moreover, some decisions only appear if you make the right choice.


Created by Steve Sill. The 653H Mod uses the 1939 Campaign as a base and provides historical orders of battle for the 1939 Campaign. All orders of battle have been adjusted to represent historical units. Most units represent corps, but there are other sizes. Other modifications have been made to: Research Categories, NATO Icons and Unit Counters, Unit Types, Decision Events, Production, aspects of Movement and Combat, Map and Graphics changes. Research and Upgrade categories have been combined and reduced for simplicity. Specific Unit Categories have been added [SS Panzer, Soviet Tank Army, etc.]. Graphical Changes include Towns and Cities, Resource - Mines and Oilfields, Railroads and Fortifications. For full details see the included 'HistModDNotes' text document.


Created by William Macon. This is an adaptation of Avalon Hill's 1992 board game ADVANCED THIRD REICH (A3R), the sequel to THE RISE AND DECLINE OF THE THIRD REICH originally designed by John Prados in the 1970s. The term "adaptation" is used loosely here because, frankly, while many features are more or less faithful recreations of A3R, there are many other features that are not. This adaptation has roughly the same map scale, the same force pools and scenario orders of battle, and the same relative economic production and unit costs. The scale and scope is essentially the same, so veteran players familiar with A3R should feel right at home – right down to the customized military unit icons. However, many things are different and players may notice elements of the Strategic Command (SC) series, Clash of Steel (COS), A World at War (AWAW), World in Flames (WiF), European Theater of Operations (ETO), Blitzkrieg General (BG) and the more recent John Prados' Third Reich (JP3R). The gameplay itself is fundamentally different because the game mechanics of SC are significantly different than those of the A3R board game. Thus, this adaptation is a melting pot of sorts for the World War Two ETO grand strategy game genre.


Created by Harry Kellog Junior. Fight to rid the world of the Stalinism or fulfill Stalin's dream of a worker's paradise encompassing all of Eurasia. In May of 1946, Stalin decides to fulfil his deepest ambition. In a lightning and classic Soviet Deep Battle, the Soviet Armed forces quickly break through the weak and untrained US, British and French occupying forces in Germany. The Wasserfall Missile, Seehund Mini-sub, P-80 Shooting Star, Meteor fighter, MiG 9, Yak 15 and X-4 Air to air missile appear on the battlefront for the first time. Use many of the secret weapons developed near the end of WWII and new units that demand new ways of thinking. New weapons systems that include city killing bombs, unthinkable long-range fighters and bombers, jets traveling at the speed of sound, virtually undetectable submarines, proximity fuse, napalm, SAMs, anti-ship and air-to-air missiles. The fate of Eurasia and the world is in the balance.


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