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Master of Magic: Rise of the Soultrapped is out now

Published on August 28, 2023

Master of Magic players, prepare for an enthralling world where arcane forces and mystical beings collide. Rise of the Soultrapped invites both veterans and newcomers to immerse themselves in a universe rich with magic, strategy, and untold secrets.

Unleash a variety of spells that combine technology and magic in unimaginable ways. From summoning scouting probes to reveal hidden nodes on the map, to empowering your units with tech sprites and discovering new locations, the tech dungeons, guarded by a mysterious rogue element of the new race, the Soultrapped.

Defeat them to gain valuable resources and rewards and trigger a chain of events that will challenge you in the mid to late game.

Unlock the full potential of Techmagic, command powerful heroes, and conquer the realms of Arcanus and Myrror. Embrace the challenge and become the ultimate master of this enchanting fusion of technology and magic.

New DLC Features:

  • 3 New powerful Wizards
  • New magic school: Techmagic
  • A new race: Soultrapped 
  • 10 new Techmagic spells 
  • 4 new heroes with new skills and unique quests
  • 5 new traits to customize your Wizard
  • New Enemy lairs and roaming armies of the rogue soultrapped

Master of Magic: Rise of the Soultrapped is available now. 

To celebrate this launch, Edmon will showcase the gameplay on the Slitherine Twitch channel on Monday, August 28th, at 8:15 PM UK time. Make sure to mark it on your calendar.


Master of Magic: An expansive Free Update is now available

Alongside the release of the Rise of the Soultrapped DLC, an expansive Free Update is now available for everyone. 

This update includes:

  • Steam Workshop integration 
  • Memory management for assets
  • Quick Load/Save option
  • Increased distance between towns to reduce city spam
  • Favorites in the spellbook and a repeat spell button
  • Display of current game settings available for viewing in-game
  • Improved Hero recruitment through the Myrror content update
  • Lair density adjustment
  • Sparkles on enchanted units on the world map
  • Plus, many modifications and fixes

You can find the full dedicated article here to see the details of what this update will bring.

And if you haven't had the chance to play the game yet, now is the moment: Master of Magic will be on sale for the duration of the Steam Strategy Fest at a 30% discount!

Get ready to wield unimaginable power, forge alliances, and uncover the mysteries of the Soultrapped in a gaming experience that will leave an indelible mark on the world of fantasy gaming.

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