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Stirring Abyss || Bestiary Part Two

Published on August 12, 2020

The first bestiary post introduced you to Scyphozoas, Burst Pods, Murkfiends and Spineskulkers. This bestiary episode unveils more Lovecraftian abominations you'll face in Stirring Abyss: masters of psychic powers, corrupted creatures, and amorphous beings lurk in the dark and can't wait to drive your crewmembers to insanity.


Scyphozoas in their deadly, mutated form. Corruption completely changed their nature and transformed them into disturbing monsters, willing to commit suicidal attacks.


A being with untold, multiple forms, made of materials beyond the understanding of human science. It can entangle a human being like a cocoon, or protect itself with a tough, yet pliable shell. Crewmembers believe that it shares a connection with corruption, a slippery white material that covers the ocean floor.

Voidspawns in one of their multiple forms


Reason suggests that a limb, when split from its owner, shouldn't have a conscience, free will or any sort of survival instinct, but Stalking Tentacles go beyond reason. Nobody knows if it's still alive, if it's still able to control them, or if it ever existed. When you suffer from hypoxia and you fear for your life, it's hard to tell the difference between imagination and reality.


One of the most disturbing creatures of the abyss. It can connect human destinies and play tricks with your mind. Beware of the Fathom Seer: this profane shaman masters ancient arts of mind control, and can lead you to complete insanity.


Answer the call of the Great Old Ones: Stirring Abyss is looking for beta testers. Apply now and join the Discord Server to support the development.

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