GSv2.00 Beta Installation Instructions for PC Users

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GSv2.00 Beta Installation Instructions for PC Users

Post by rkr1958 » Fri Mar 25, 2011 3:02 am

This is the setup email and contains all the information and links to the files that you need to get the GSv2.00 beta up and running in a separate area on your PC. This will allow you to also maintain a working version of GSv1.06/v1.07 too.

Please read through the PC Setup Instructions, which can be downloaded from one the links provided below. Also, the link to the latest full file set for the GS beta is given below.

Frequently, for minor changes, we distribute smaller incremental updates that are to be copied over the full version. Step 11 in the PC installation document explains what this is (in general) and how to apply it. Simply, you just copy this update over the top of your current GSv2.00beta, once you get it installed, to get the version in the incremental update. Notification of and links to these incremental updates were be conveyed through email.

"Step 10" in the PC Setup instructions provides a brief overview of our expectations from the beta testers and what types of games that we're looking for them to play. We're requesting that once you get the GSv2.00 beta working that you just play around with it a bit and when you feel comfortable then please start PBEM games with other testers.

Alec is in charge of the GS User's Manual (link below) and would appreciate it if you could read through the section for "New Players" and comment back to him on it. The manual is 61 MB, several 100’s of pages long and includes a large amount of data and information on the expansion. So I would recommend that you also give the entire document an initial scan.

I will add you to the Commander – Europe at War: GS Beta Testing forum. This may be immediate or may take me a day. But, if you can’t get into that forum after a day email me back and let me know.

GSv2.00 Beta links.

GSv2.00 PC Setup Instructions: ... y=COC-i40P ... y=CO3HuZoB

GSv2.00 Initial Beta Developer Notes (a-d): ... y=CNSRne4N

GSv2.00 Change Log: ... y=CK_L1fUN

GSv2.00 Manual:
(Logon: devteam & Password: just4gs20)

Commander – Europe at War: GS Beta Testing forum:


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